Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The 5 weeks

Dear, reads

Me and the crew did not trust the captain but Anna and Arys  and so me and Preston are know we trust the captain and me,Mark,Preston to are doing  cockroach fight and so Mark wins the cockroach fight then I did a rat hunt no one in the crew likes me and wants to do rat hunts with me. But So we do not trust Anna but so we see a ship Following us I think they are going to take are ship

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How do I learn best

  The why I lean Is with pictures and game and play minim sport



My goal is to be better at Writing.Also to do good in Writing  so I can writing just when I do my writing. So when I writing I when to be good. But when I do all this thing in writing. And that is my GOAL in writing.    

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Preparing to set sail

Good lords and Ladies,

It is the year 1495 in the month of June. I have joined a group of explores  and we and on a  adventure and the king and queen for Spain  had sent me and the crew are going to  find new land and if we find $ 1,000 we get half . My name is Abby and i'm the navigator and i tell the helmsman were to go and i'm the oldies of 100 sisters and 90 brother and the ship i'm on is good and it is call Marie lane    

Thursday, October 23, 2014

When I Got a Dog

Dear Readers,

Please enjoy my story below!


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One day when I came home from school I heard a howl coming from my house. It sounded like a dog. For a second I thought  it was coming from the naber’s house.I started to jump up and down when my mom stopped me.


I said, ” I will not scream mom.” I was so happy that I  got a dog and that I would  play with him or her every day.  

When I opened  the door, I saw a black  dog and a gray and black cat running around my dad , who was playing Mass Effect. My dad looked up at me and said, ” How do like your new dog named  River, Abby?”  I loved him! I told him his name was River, but when I discovered that he stole our clothes and shoes, we renamed him Bandit .

Suddenly! Seamon , my cat, clawed Bandit in the eye. I yelled,’’NAUGHTY  CAT!” and the cat ran to my room. I grabbed the cat and hit her with a wet rag and then she was going meow , and hissing at me.I got my mom a wet rag so she could clean Bandit’s eye out.  When you look at  Bandit’s  right  eye, you can see clawed  marks on it and when you  look through my cat’s   fur on her butt, you can see red marks where I hit her with the wet rag .

So, never let a cat and dog fight for a day, or you will pay the price. You will be sorry and so will your cat , or  dog.  Your pet will learn that it’s bad. If your cat and dog get in a  fight and if you  try to get in the middle of it, you will get super hurt and you will not  be so happy.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Earth earthquake and volcanoes

   So when when you try rubbing your dry hands on a dry table to top and notice how your hand vibrates as it moves  on the table.

An earthquake is because when too tectonic plates move up and down and they get stuck on one  another and one crumbles and a earthquake happens.

                                       see how some buildings Broken and trees are falling over.

An earthquake is caused when tectonic plates moves up and down and that is when the earthquake       happens.

A volcano is a giant hill that let out lava .

A volcano erupts in differrent ways. because of the shape of the volcano.

Scientists classify volcanoes by if it is strata, shield ,cone by the shape of the volcano.

A strata volcano is a tall cone-shape and made of lava, ash and fragments

A sheild volcano is a low profile shape and has even lava flow.

A cone volcano is a medium to tall volcano shaped by throne fragments .

Volcanoes change the earth's surface by making rock when the lava get cool and hardens.