Friday, September 26, 2014

Earth earthquake and volcanoes

   So when when you try rubbing your dry hands on a dry table to top and notice how your hand vibrates as it moves  on the table.

An earthquake is because when too tectonic plates move up and down and they get stuck on one  another and one crumbles and a earthquake happens.

                                       see how some buildings Broken and trees are falling over.

An earthquake is caused when tectonic plates moves up and down and that is when the earthquake       happens.

A volcano is a giant hill that let out lava .

A volcano erupts in differrent ways. because of the shape of the volcano.

Scientists classify volcanoes by if it is strata, shield ,cone by the shape of the volcano.

A strata volcano is a tall cone-shape and made of lava, ash and fragments

A sheild volcano is a low profile shape and has even lava flow.

A cone volcano is a medium to tall volcano shaped by throne fragments .

Volcanoes change the earth's surface by making rock when the lava get cool and hardens.

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